Global Studies Symposium - April 2021

MARZO 2021

Becas Felsted School Online – Global Studies

¡¡Hemos Ganado una beca para uno de nuestros alumnos/as!!

Gracias al convenio con ISNPT-UTN


¡¡Una semana de talleres en directo desde el Reino Unido con estudiantes de todo el mundo!!

Workshops led by Kirsty Fraser, Academic Manager

  • The role of men in feminism
  • Appropriate language to use during debates
  • The impact of Covid-19 leadership: Scottish Independence
  • Democracy Questioned: Brexit
  • Being a Global Citizen


Workshops led by Daniel Emmerson, Director of Global Education

  • Storming the Capitol: Information, Power and Trust
  • Polarisation of Worldviews: Why I am Right and You are Wrong
  • Anti-Feminism and Homophobia in Poland: A Case Study
  • Social Responsibility: How Individual Actions can have a Global Impact
  • Foreign Aid: A Post-Covid Landscape

Performing Arts Module led by Dahlia Lopez Ramsay

To take place on the 6-9 of April.

We will be joined by a unique group of keynote speakers who will provide insights and knowledge in the following areas


Thomas Sparrow - Freedom of speech: Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation in the Digital Age

Neil Wilcock - The Role of the United Nations in World Affairs

Trans Activism

Sally Little - The Importance of Global Competencies in the Finance Sector

Climate Change and the Banking Sector

Proposed Timetable

10 workshops = 2 workshops per day for five days + a virtual excursion.  Details of which keynote speaker and workshop to run in each time slot will be confirmed in due course.


On the 10 April, there will also be a virtual excursion (Oxford tbc).


Further details regarding our Performing Arts Workshop will be published soon.


Time (UK)           Event

11.00 - 12.30      Workshop

14.00 - 15.30      Workshop

16.00 - 17.00      Keynote Speaker

17.30 - 18.30      Performing Arts Module

“I was so excited about the program content and viewing every subject from different perspectives. I really enjoyed the live meetings and the chance to make friends from around the world!”

Nicole from Argentina

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